Full features of KAMI Core HR

All you need to manage your employee data in one place


Data management

Import/export all employee data in seconds, with easy to use templates and strict control over bulk data access.

Create any custom field you want to exactly store the information that matters to you without any system limitations.

Ensure that all data contained in the system is quickly verified and approved to mitigate mistakes and mispractice.

Always have a clear record of key changes that have been made in KAMI, including the who, what and when, to ensure accountability.

Hardened Role Based Access System (RBAC) to control exactly who can see and do what with employee data to ensure 100% control over privacy.

Get all contract details, team org, full career progression history, issued assets, disciplinary actions and more readily accessible at all times.

Upload and manage all personal information, identification documents, banking details, emergency contacts, education, employment history and more in one secure platform.

Move away from the worksheets by managing bulk employee data directly on system to easily find, edit and transfer within seconds.

Enable employees to provide their latest data upon onboarding and after, with a streamlined data approval process.

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Team organization

Establish multi-step and multi-approver matrices for each process flow to seamlessly cut the red-tape and get things moving quickly.

Activate as many companies as you want on a single KAMI account, so that you can easily manage a diverse group of companies in one system.

Unlimited ability to create departments, positions, cost centers and custom groups to perfectly organize your teams.

Create unlimited subsidiaries under a single parent, enabling you to manage all employees with differing policies and payroll in one.

Employee onboarding

Add new employees in seconds! Use our clone features to replicate all details immediately and customize as needed.

One-click invite to KAMI, where employees can then simply create a password and activate their accounts in a flash.

Maintain control with our streamlined employee approval process to ensure all details are correct and that “ghost” employees are not being added.

Comprehensive library of informative self-help videos and support articles to immediately train employees on how to use the KAMI platform.

Make the best first impression with a friendly onboarding wizard that informs and guides all new employees through their key employment details and self-onboarding steps. Employees can immediately review and request edits to all their personal data, eliminating the emails and paperwork to get it right.

Team management

Keep connected with your team with tailored announcements your employees will immediately see on KAMI desktop and mobile.

Tired of endless paper-trails? KAMI organizes all your pending approvals into a single seamless portal fir you to easily review and approve in real-time.

It’s hard to keep track of all employees. The KAMI platform sends you automatic and real-time notifications of key issues such as probations, contract expiry, terminations and more.

Issue disciplinary notices when needed and keep them clearly documented for employee and company proof of record and reference.

KAMI is always keeping you in the loop, with automated notifications on desktop, mobile, SMS and email for issues you want to know about

Digital documents

Streamlined multi-tier approval process to ensure that all documents are electronically verified by both employees and the HR department.

Create custom templates for commonly used documents, such as as company policies or contracts, that can be quickly issued with automatically filled variables.

Fill in required fields and add your signature directly to our completely digital platform, so you can execute documents directly from KAMI.

Enable employees to easily submit documents like ID cards or educational certs, with streamlined process for verification and approval.
Abandon physical file cabinets and drives, when you store all digital records of employee documents, payslips, tax forms and more on KAMI.

Employee offboarding

Easily deactivate an employee’s profile upon their offboarding, while still ensuring complete retention of data and the ability to reactivate records anytime.
Get notified of all assets needed to be handed over upon the employee’s offboarding, so you won’t forget anything outstanding prior to separation.
Get KAMI Payroll to automatically calculate final salary according to your company policies, without any complex manual calculations.
Seamlessly transfer an offboarded employee’s responsibilities with our automated feature that allows you reassign and delegate authority to another employee.

Reporting & insights

Always be on top of key contract dates, with custom reports on new hires, terminations, contract expiry, probation, anniversaries and more.
Plan a diverse and well-balanced workforce with instant overviews by gender, age, years of service and more.
Ensure and maintain complete employee records with instant reports on missing data for immediate action.
Get your team perfectly structured with interactive org charts by subsidiary, branch or departments to help you best visualize and manage your teams.
Ensure and maintain complete employee records with instant reports on missing data for immediate action.