Expense management made easy

Save time and money processing expense claims! Our easy-to-use expenses management system makes submitting receipts a breeze – streamline limits, automate approvals and sync to payroll for effortless approved reimbursements.

Reduce costs
with strict expense policy enforcement

Eliminate manual work and increase productivity

Enhance visibility with accurate expense reporting
Submit claims on the go
Anytime and anywhere, so you won't forget
Quick Approvals
Instantly queued for manager approval
Accurate payment
Seamlessly integrated to your payslip

Fully automated claims management system

No more painful hours of expense processing and paperwork

Easy claim submission

Quickly and easily submit expense claims anywhere with our mobile app – no more tedious paperwork! Capture all relevant information plus attach receipts for a painless submission process.

Strict policy enforcement

Streamline your expense management process and save costs by automating limits and approvals. Identify red flags quickly to prevent any fraud, while ensuring complete compliance with all regulations.

Automated reimbursements

Seamlessly integrate your expense reimbursements with KAMI Payroll to ensure that employees get paid accurately and on-time – elevating their satisfaction every step of the way!

Get started today

Transform your business processes to improve efficiency, boost workplace productivity and achieve the full potential of your workforce

Take control of your costs​

Keep a firm grip on your finances by automating expense policies and streamlining approval processes. Get the visibility you need to create smarter budgets – with insightful reports at your disposal.

Eliminate paperwork

Say goodbye to time-consuming paper trails. Increase productivity and free up valuable resources when you switch to the efficiency of a completely digital process.

Increase employee satisfaction

Show your team that their financial security is top-of-mind for you. Provide on-time expense reimbursements to create an engaged workplace full of satisfied and motivated employees – a winning combination for success!

Get into the details

Tailored expenses

Make claim policies work for you with instant customization

Enhanced reporting

On-demand access to instant and powerful data

Cash advances

Get funds in advance to cover expected expenditures

Everything you need to make smart decisions about your people

Manage your growing team, all in one place

Everything you need to make smart decisions about your people

Manage your growing team, all in one place

Human Resources in action