Recruitment software to hire the best talent fast

Modern Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that enables you to quickly source, evaluate and hire candidates.  We streamline the recruiting process by providing an intelligent applicant screening system,  efficient communication between all stakeholders, and a smooth onboarding process to get the right talent onboard with the best experience 

Simply manage jobs
All from the palm of your hand
Quickly review applicants
In a streamlined & timely process
Take instant action
Review, progress, interview or comment immediately

Tired of assessing too many candidates without success?

Get modern ATS to make the right hiring decisions

Intelligent Sourcing

Link to the world’s best job portals such as Linkedin and Indeed to source candidates and intelligently filter them within a single ATS 

Engage & evaluate

Collaborate with teams to collectively evaluate applicants, gather feedback and decide who it best fit for the job!

Effortlessly hire

Quickly schedule interviews, obtain approvals, getting out an offer letter and execute the employment contract all in one place 

Make employee’s first experience with you its best

Tap multiple job sites at once to

Source top talent

Tired of managing multiple job portals to find the right fit.  Use ZipHR to automatically publish your job to the best sites in one go and get applications directly fed back to ZipHR system to assess them all together.  

Automatically reject low potential candidates with

Applicant Pre-assessment

Manually reviewing applications is a time-consuming process automated in ZipHR.  Pre-assessment criteria and questionnaire responses are tools to help quickly filter through the noise so you can put your full attention on those most suitable.  

Constant contact with applicant and team for better

Engagement & Evaluation

Make the right first impression with your candidates through a well organized interview and hiring process.  Collaborate across your team to easily share interview results and feedback to make collective decisions.  Actively engage in every interaction with helpful scheduling, interviewing and messaging tools.   

Key Features

Multi-site Postings

Integrate with external job sites to feed candidates into a single organized system


Get immediate responses for customized questions to automatically shortlist or reject applicants

Job Boards

Efficiently view and manage applicants through user-friendly Kanban and job boards


Instantly message, chat, comment, or rate candidates to ensure everyone is on the same page


Customizable templates to quickly send offer letters auto-populated with applicant data, executed and stored on ZipHR


Immediately add hired employees to ZipHR My Teams for a complete employee onboarding process

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