Full features of KAMI Payroll

All you need in a powerful and easy payroll management system


Custom batches

Ability to cut off attendance records before payroll period ends to provide a buffer for processing any last minute schedule changes.
Detailed records of every action taken including user and timestamps, to easily audit changes and identify any unauthorized activity
Specify whether wages, contribution or taxes should be included to create special batches, eg. for expenses, commissions or non-taxable items only.
Define the exact period to pay for, with flexibility to vary time frames between batches.
Process payroll separately by subsidiary, employment types, confidential employees and more for perfect control.
Ability to process multiple payroll batches simultaneously to get perfect separation and control.
Issue payroll on a weekly, semi-monthly or monthly basis for different types of employees.
Control whether or not the batch should include payment for other non-mandatory items eg. commissions, bonuses, expenses, loans.
Confidently control payroll access to certain persons that can only take specific actions on payroll.

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Tailored calculations

Automate regular, recurring payments such as allowances, subsidies, benefits, bonuses and more.
Unlimited ability to control contribution policies to get immediate transparency, customization and flexibility.
Instantly automate your own payment policy based on specific triggers, such as awards/penalties based on certain attendance records.
Automate complex separation payment for termination types, severance, service reward, retirement benefits, leave compensation, payment-in-lieu and prorated bonuses.
Control tax policies to get immediate transparency, customization and flexibility over taxable income, deduction and rates.
Determine whether you pay for leave or holidays based on employee’s basic wages or gross wages (including certain allowances).
Create as many custom payment types as you need to get perfect classification for contribution, tax and accounting treatment.
Ability to custom define various non-taxable thresholds to apply based on things like marital status, dependents or age.
Define tailored rules to automatically check every payslip for any potential errors, replicating and eliminating your manual verification processes.
Specify whether you count days by calendar days, working days, Estimated Equivalent Monthly Rate (EEMR) or fixed days per month.

Seamless payroll process

Full-suite of automated reports tailored to local requirements for contributions, taxes and accounting.
Unparalleled system power to calculate hundreds of payslips in seconds so you never have to wait.
No “black box” system. Comprehensive and meticulous detail available for every figure and calculation to quickly get to the bottom of any potential discrepancies.
Leverage our intuitive analysis tools and automated validations to quickly spot any anomalies instead of searching for a “needle in a haystack”.
Simply select one of your custom defined payroll batches and instantly run it for the specified period.
Create bulk electronic payments through our direct payment partners or via bank disbursement files.


Get tardy or absences automatically deducted from wages based on your custom rules – with perfect real-time sync with KAMI Attendance module.
Choose whether to pay your employee’s contributions or income tax on their behalf.
Annual leave, sick days, maternity and more all seamlessly synced with your payroll and paid exactly as you specify.
Automate minimum wage payment by location, so you can ensure complete compliance at all times.
Get monthly paid employee wages automatically prorated for any partial periods during onboarding or termination.
Get immediate notifications of any working or leave activity that was approved past the last cutoff period and is pending payment – with automated calculations of outstanding amounts to pay.
Ability to specify wages for each employee on hourly, daily or monthly basis – all calculated within the same payroll batch.

Other payments

Define custom policies to automatically pay attendance awards/penalties, seniority awards, daily bonuses, loan repayments and more.
Quickly edit, migrate or delete other payments in case you made a mistake or need to reclassify for accounting purposes.
Easily add bespoke payments in bulk for things such as sales commissions, with our simple payment import features.
Payments outside of wages are typically one of the major pain points for our clients. KAMI allows you the flexibility to personalize, execute and manage payments according to your specific requirements.
Automate recurring other payments on employee or group level to ensure all non-wage payments are paid correctly and on-time everytime.


Employer or employee contributions per type may be specified as taxable or tax deductible depending on your applicable regulation or policy.
Complete control to customize additional policies, specific policies per employee or changes to contribution rules, as and when required.
Detailed ability to specify multi-tiered contribution amounts based on wage or age with minimum and maximum limits to suit any policy.
Activate select contributions only for specific employees, for situations like health insurance packages or union duties.
Enable employers or employees to choose whether they would like to additionally contribute above the required minimum.


Complete control to customize bespoke tax policies, differing tax regimes by employee type or changes to tax rules, as and when required.
Instantly get the full breakdown for the entire year in one snapshot to validate all payments and reconcile tax to date with confidence.
Customize available wage or bonus deductions based on age, amounts and rates.
View applicable rate tables and immediately amend as required, for complete confidence on what is being applied and to quickly implement changes.
Choose whether to estimate tax liability for the period based on simple annualization, exact reconciliation to date or forecasted reconciliation for the entire year.
Control which contributions are taxable or deductible, including detailed specifications for things like voluntary contributions.
Ability to specify which wages are subject to income tax or not, such as non-taxable maternity or government duties.
Ability to specify alternate tax table for termination pay, as may be required by regulation.


Completely customizable journal report to map detailed KAMI Payroll items exactly to your accounts.
Record payment details directly on reports to always know when, where and how everything has been paid.
Suite of interactive reports to analyze and compare payroll batches, with ability to download in detail.
All generated reports are automatically stored on KAMI and linked to the payroll batches they pertain to, so you always stay organized.
All required regulatory contributions and tax reports for your country are readily available and can be generated with just a few clicks.