Performance management that works

We provide effective employee assessment and KPI monitoring tools to help you maximize results and turbocharge your business. Keep your team motivated with our user-friendly performance management system and unlock new levels of productivity today.
61% of employees want feedback
68% work harder if valued and heard
Drive up to 60% more engagement
Quick assessments
Encourage frequent engagement
Team goals
Encourage collaboration and inclusion

Unlock your team’s potential

Talent management that actually drives impact

Employee assessments

Stay a step ahead with quick and simple assessments that provide ongoing quantifiable insight into the satisfaction of your team – giving you ample time to take action.

Team goals & KPIs

Create clear goals and measurable key performance indicators to help you reach success faster. Collaborate and align team goals to accomplish more in less time.

360 degree feedback

Engage employees with our multi-source performance feedback system. Help each other identify strengths and pinpoint areas of improvement to uncover ways to expand capabilities.

Get started today

Transform your business processes to improve efficiency, boost workplace productivity and achieve the full potential of your workforce

Continuously engage your team

Proactively engage your employees with ongoing productive dialogue and regular performance evaluations that are insightful and easy to complete – helping you to boost team morale and stay ahead of the curve.

Stay laser-focused on objectives​

Keep everyone marching to the same beat with powerful, interactive goal setting. Directly align manager and employee objectives, and create team goals for everyone to work smarter together!

Get actionable results

Avoid overwhelming evaluations that go nowhere. KAMI Performance helps you focus on tangible, easily-measurable metrics to quickly locate areas of improvement and guide better decision making.

Get into the details

Tailored performance

Constant engagement

Intuitive insights

Everything you need to make smart decisions about your people

Manage your growing team, all in one place

Everything you need to make smart decisions about your people

Manage your growing team, all in one place

Human Resources in action