Innovative HR solutions powering the future of work

Make workforce management easier than ever. KAMI helps transform HR operations with next-gen, fully-integrated people solutions tailored to your enterprise and industry.

20% increase in productivity

40% savings in administrative costs

50% boost in talent retention

All your HR needs in the palm of your hand

Simplify HR management, payroll, and collaboration with the KAMI mobile app. Enhance workflows with a one-stop solution intuitively designed for seamless control and flexibility.

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Innovative HR solutions powering the future of work

KAMI helps transform your HR operations with next-gen people solutions tailored to your workforce needs, making it easier than ever to manage your team. 

Trusted by thousands in - Manpower Shipping Manufacturing Education Government Retail Construction Hospitality Financial Technology and More...

Empowering the future of work with KAMI

Everything you need to make smart decisions about your people

Complete platform for enhanced workforce efficiency

Comprehensive and configurable HR software suite packed with power beyond generic HRIS systems.

Harness the power of AI to find the best talents at a fraction of the cost.

Expand your business globally, tapping into a world-class talent pool with unbeatable savings.

No payroll software, no problem. Let our payroll experts handle one of the most tiresome HR tasks.

Leading HR software with end-to-end solutions

We provide a fully-integrated experience that’s as powerful as it is simple.

Core HR

Make managing the employee experience a breeze with our comprehensive platform offering seamless onboarding, secure data management and archivable documents in addition to effortless offboarding.

Attendance management

Ease the burden of time and leave tracking. Our attendance management software lets you handle schedules, absences and leave requests effortlessly, while ensuring flawless payroll calculations.


Powerful payroll software that automates calculations, disbursements, and reporting with guaranteed compliance — saving you valuable time and resources.

Performance management

Unlock the potential of your workforce with meaningful and actionable assessments. Set clear goals, monitor progress, and inspire your team to achieve their best.

Task management

Plan detailed workflows with live progress tracking for clear goals, time efficiency and timely completion of all projects.

Expense management

Swap paperwork for digital ease with our streamlined expense management system. Submit claims from any device, enjoy automated approvals with customizable limits and get hassle-free disbursements directly to your payroll.


Ease financial strain for employees with our full-suite loan management system that makes it easy for you to handle advanced wages, customized benefit policies and more.

With unmatched flexibilityKAMI adapts to your company's policies and local regulations for easier and compliant workforce management.

Easy onboarding

In weeks, not monthsSmooth workflows and data exchange ensure a swift start—no administrative hassles to hold you back.

Peace of mind

Complete reliabilityExpect rock-solid performance and a dedicated support team to reach your HR goals.

Next-gen ability built on quality

Software pricing plans
Start at just $1.50/month
Per user per module

Feature-based software pricing plans

Flexible pricing for tailored HR solutions

Improved 20% Productivity
Kami Workforce’s timekeeping and performance systems proved to be an effective solution when it came to boosting attendance and output in a short period of time. Our efforts were rewarded with impressive results!

Bella Johnson
Senior Executive HR of Adobe

Technology powered HR services

Besides HR software, we offer tailored HR services to innovate your HR at a lower cost.


Hire the 5% of talent quickly

Streamline talent search with to quickly identify the best candidates. Our expert recruiters then take over for personalized interviews, negotiations and seamless onboarding.

Managed Payroll

Complete accuracy on time, every time

We can handle your payroll management while offering complete visibility through our digital platform. Less paperwork, more focus on your people.

Remote Teams

Globally expand in days

Go global confidently with our Employer of Record services—secure solutions for international recruitment, payment and compliance, ensuring peace of mind at every step.
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Transform your business processes to improve efficiency,
boost workplace productivity and achieve the full potential of your workforce

FAQs on KAMI Workforce

Some of the more frequently asked questions about KAMI Workforce’s solutions.

KAMI is a workforce management company that provides innovative HR software solutions and tailored people services that power the future of work. Our solutions and services are powered by a next-gen HRMS that unifies all key workforce processes in one secure, cloud-based system.

A HRMS helps you manage your staff more effectively by streamlining employee data management, payroll processing, employee attendance, performance assessment and more. KAMI’s HRMS is designed to transform traditional HR processes into a seamless digital experience, maximizing efficiency and enhancing your workforce – through a unified, cost-effective solution.

Our cloud-based HR software offers a range of customizable HR features including Core HR, Attendance, Payroll, Performance, Expenses, Tasks and Benefits. KAMI is accessible via a web-based portal and a mobile application with self-service features that empower your employees to easily manage their data and operational requests.

Yes, we do! In addition to our software, KAMI offers tech-powered HR services including Recruitment for talent acquisition, Managed Payroll for outsourced payroll processing and Remote Teams, which provides an Employer of Record service for remote workers.

With KAMI, you can leverage a solution more powerful than an off-the-shelf HRIS system. Instead, you build and pay for a custom HR solution tailored to your exact needs, making your investment worth every cent. We offer a comprehensive and hyperflexible HR system that adapts to your business and industry, streamlining your critical HR operations with ease. Whether it’s complex payroll policies, multiple work shift configurations across varied employee types, or even third-party integrations for payroll, we’ve got you covered.

We pride ourselves in our white-glove and cost-effective service approach that puts our clients’ needs first, from onboarding to ongoing use of KAMI. Our Client Success team will get you up and running in weeks, not months, with personalized onboarding sessions that ensure no man in your team would get left behind. Once you’re onboarded, you’re fully equipped to manage and navigate through KAMI with a wealth of resources and step-by-step videos that are easily available in our Knowledge Center. Need more help? Our Client Success team is contactable through a variety of channels including email and WhatsApp, giving you a dedicated support ticket to ensure prioritized resolution of your enquiry.

Our track record of satisfied clients include government organizations, as well as corporations across the Manpower, Manufacturing, FMCG, F&B and Hospitality industries – and the list continues to grow. We specialize in tailored solutions for enterprises with specific HR challenges that off-the-shelf HR software can’t handle, as well as enterprises with complex requirements and are seeking a comprehensive solution to eliminate the need for multiple software. While our solution can be seamlessly scaled with any business’s growing needs, we find that enterprises with complex issues regarding attendance, work scheduling and payroll calculations would find KAMI easiest to use. We are driven by challenging implementations that require a highly tailored solution – because that’s what we do best.
KAMI stands out through innovative HR and people solutions with extensive functionality that most of other off-the-shelf HR software are unable to offer. We provide an all-in-one platform that is cost-effective, ensuring high employee engagement and maximized ROI. On top of that, our personalized support and service ensures that your journey with KAMI is seamless throughout. We’re in this with you for the long haul – we’re committed to being your trusted digital HR partner to help you achieve your business goals by investing in your most valuable asset – your people.

We understand that many companies have existing software systems for HR processes, which is why our solutions are built with flexibility in mind. Our team can work closely with you to assess the compatibility of your current systems and design customized integrations, ensuring that KAMI complements your existing software for efficient data flow and centralize your HR processes. Whether it’s payroll, time and attendance tracking or other HR functions, we strive to make the integration process as painless as possible while delivering a comprehensive HR solution that meets your specific needs. Talk to our experts today to discuss the details and possibilities for integrating KAMI Workforce with your existing HR systems – so you can get the best of both worlds.

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