Benefits to attract & retain top talent

KAMI Benefits enables critical financial assistance to employees when they need it the most. Our innovative technology provides instant access to earned wages and easy loan requests – reducing stress, increasing morale and enhancing employee retention rates!
+53% boost in employee satisfaction
Reduce employee attrition by up to 49%
80% of employees stop using informal lenders
Instantly access wages
Prior to your next payroll date
Paid in seconds
Just a few clicks with no additonal info required

Help employees gain more financial freedom

Hassle-free benefits management

Earned Wage Access

With KAMI, employees can instantly access hard-earned wages when they need it the most! Let us directly advance earned wages, with absolutely zero interest and minimal transaction fees.

Loan management

Enable your employees to easily request and manage government or company loan payments, while reducing administrative hassles from your end.

Integrated with payroll

KAMI payroll integration makes loan repayments a breeze, allowing you to forget about tedious calculations and manual recording – only leaving you with complete accuracy and happy employees.
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Transform your business processes to improve efficiency, boost workplace productivity and achieve the full potential of your workforce

Relieve employees from financial worries

Boost your employees’ financial wellbeing, promoting productivity and engagement levels. Keep them safe from destructive financial practices that can damage productivity – both on a personal level and at work.

Maximize employee satisfaction & retention​

Show your employees that they’re more than just a number. Investing in great benefits is the perfect way to demonstrate loyalty and create an unbeatable employee experience that they won’t forget.

Reduce administrative hassles

Give your team a break from the tiresome tasks of benefits management. Automate and simplify this process to free up time for greater productivity while still ensuring accuracy in the details.

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Instant wages

How does Earned Wage Access work for everyone?

Customized loans

Tailor fit to your government or company loan policies

Seamless management

Fully digital process to administer benefits

Everything you need to make smart decisions about your people

Manage your growing team, all in one place

Everything you need to make smart decisions about your people

Manage your growing team, all in one place

Human Resources in action