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Get every critical component of your Human Resources operations in one powerful, cloud-based HRIS software. Secure and manage all employee data in real-time, simplify HR processes and create seamless paperless flows for unmatched efficiency.

Up to 90% reduction in paper files

Save over 70% of your HR bandwidth
10 minute employee self-onboarding
Onboarding wizard
Jumpstart your employee success
Employee data requests and approvals
My Team
Organization and details at your fingertips
Digital documents
Secure and instantly available

Make employee management a breeze

Get all the HR power you need in one place

Employee onboarding

Make the best first impression and set your employees up for success from day one, with a streamlined onboarding process that welcomes, prepares and well-equips them for their journey ahead.

Data & team management

Keep employee data secure and easily accessible in one organized location. Optimize team organization to create a well-oiled machine that brings out the best in everyone.

People analytics

Get automated notifications and real-time reports on employee headcount, performance, engagement and more to keep you in control – no more guesswork required! Unlock the power of advanced HR insights to make an undeniable impact on your bottom-line.

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Transform your business processes to improve efficiency, boost workplace productivity and achieve the full potential of your workforce

Get centralized data on-demand

Easily access employee information in real time with immediate integration across all your HR processes. Eliminate data discrepancies, get 100% data security and keep everyone on the same page.

Streamline & simplify HR processes

KAMI Core HR simplifies the entire HR process and creates seamless paperless flows. Unlock new levels of efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace, strengthening teamwork culture and fostering a productive work environment.

Flawlessly manage documents

Tired of tedious payroll disbursements and regulatory filing? KAMI Payroll has you covered with automated bank payments and reporting for all your local statutory and tax requirements.

Stay on top of your team needs

KAMI is your trusted digital HR partner to stay ahead of the game. Our automated notifications will keep you up-to-date on all important people tasks that require action, while our intuitive analytics give you invaluable insights to optimize your workforce strategies and drive business growth.

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data management

customization and control

team organization

Multi-level organization
and process flows

reporting features

Make smart decisions to boost overall productivity

Everything you need to make smart decisions about your people

Manage your growing team, all in one place

Everything you need to make smart decisions about your people

Manage your growing team, all in one place

Human Resources in action