Full features of KAMI Attendance

All you need to revolutionize the way you manage your employees' attendance


Custom scheduling

Simplify compensation for various job scenarios by automating payment calculations based on basic, gross, fixed or variable wage structures.
Embed required break times into your work day to ensure the employees are taking the rest they need and keeping on track with break times.
Strictly enforce attendance policies to ensure 100% compliance with labor laws and company policies.
Tag your employee’s activities to cost centers to better budget time spent and get detailed records for wage and invoice calculations.
Set “Core Hours” to enable your employees to start work within a flexible time frame, as long as they complete the required hours per day.
Streamline and automate tedious processes related to working on holidays, with detailed wage settings for working on rest days, holidays, double holidays, etc.
Create unlimited holidays for groups of employees, with automated rules to convert to holiday pay for working on holidays.
Automate additional pay for working after-hours, which can also be combined with overtime and holiday pay rates.
Allow employees to continue working overtime without requiring last minute approvals for smooth, continuous operations.
Easily apply standard shifts to a single employee or groups of employees to quickly roster them.
Control exactly who is required to check-in, with detailed settings for tardy grace, rounding and wage deductions.
Create unlimited tailored activities for working, overtime, holiday pay, night shift or contract work with advanced settings that suit company policies.

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Tailored time-off

Set rules to automatically convert leave balances on anniversary dates based on custom limits.
Automate complex leave policies with detailed award, accrual and carry-over settings to ensure perfect compliance.
Enable unused leave to be converted to cash payments, with full integration to KAMI Payroll module.
Create unlimited tailored activities for annual leave, sick leave, maternity or any other leave type needed according to your company policies.

Accurate timekeeping

Enable 3 second check-ins with our advanced biometric attendance devices to quickly and accurately track attendance for hundreds or thousands of employees.
KAMI employs Microsoft Azure Cognitive Service to deliver accurate and secure facial recognition technology to you.
KAMI employs Google Maps to deliver accurate location mapping services to pinpoint your employee’s location upon check-in.
User-friendly calendars so employees and administrators can simply manage schedules on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
Complete ability to manage your schedule and quickly record attendance with the KAMI mobile app.
Automated approval flows with ability to take action instantly on KAMI web or mobile apps, speeding the process for everyone.

Detailed records

Intuitive tools to immediately analyze attendance performance by location, department, position and more, to identify trends and improvements.
Deal with thousands of records in seconds. Pull all detailed time records at once to easily filter, sort and analyze.
Full record of the who, where, what, why and when of changes to every calendar event, eliminating dispute, confusion and fraud.
Easily review time records in a clear summarized format, with the ability to instantly drill down into all details at the click of a button.