Our Big Rebrand to KAMI Workforce: New Look, Refreshed Identity, Better Innovation

You might have noticed something different recently when you got onto our website or came across our social media pages.

We underwent a significant facelift with our rebranding. It’s not just a change in logo or color scheme; it’s a complete overhaul of our branding process and embracing an identity that truly represents who we are and what we do, every day.

The rebrand to KAMI Workforce comes at a pivotal time in our growth story while giving homage to our roots. The decision to rebrand our company was a prioritized effort to align our vision, mission and service offerings with evolving market trends, all while continuing to deliver innovative HR technology and people solutions to our clients.

“KAMI Workforce represents the tremendous progress we have made in our first few years to expand from our humble beginnings as a HR software product to a comprehensive workforce management partner that delivers a wide-scope of technology-powered people solutions. We felt that this was the right time to embrace our new persona, as we continue to expand across more regions and grow our reputation as being a trusted HR partner to our clients.”

Why did we change our name from ZipHR to KAMI Workforce?

‘ZipHR’ has defined our core product since we launched in 2015 – a powerful Human Resources Information System (HRIS) platform that was cost-effective and most importantly, would transform traditional HR processes into seamless digital experiences with lightning efficiency.

As we grew and our services evolved, we realized that we needed a new brand identity that would better represent our vision, our personality and our culture.

"We quickly gained momentum in Indonesia and the Philippines by providing a no-nonsense, cost-effective HR platform that helped our clients to streamline complex workplace management challenges. The rebrand and evolution of our company matches our desire to break barriers in HR technology and people services that power the future of work.”

‘Kami’ means ‘us’ in several Pacific languages, and the new brand reflects our focus on people and our commitment to being a trusted HR partner for our clients to maximize their workforce potential.

Consistency across all channels

Naturally, we developed a set of consistent brand materials to strengthen our new brand identity. Here’s what you can expect to see across all our platforms and communications:

KAMI Workforce logos and color palette KAMI Workforce logo variations and colors

Our new website has been launched with our new identity and updated information on our products and services, and our social media pages have been refreshed. Our existing clients will see an improved user interface (UI) on our web and mobile platforms and enhancements to several app features.

So, who is KAMI Workforce?

Beneath the new logo and changes in visual identity, we still hold the same values and commitment to offer innovative HR software solutions and tailored people services that drive the future of work, and that would empower companies to maximize their workforce potential.

Our powerful HR management software still makes it effortless for you to manage your workforce more effectively:

Our technology-powered people services:

We are thrilled to launch our new brand with a fresh look, quest for growth, commitment to our clients and expertise in HR technology and people solutions. We are grateful to all our clients, prospects and partners who have been a part of our incredible journey.

The rebranding is not just about a change in our brand identity, but we hope it will emphasize our dedication to innovation and delivering an even more personalized client experience. We are excited to partner with you as KAMI Workforce, and we hope you love our new look as much as we do!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

The rebrand of ZipHR to KAMI Workforce comes at a pivotal time of our growth story while giving homage to our roots. ‘Kami’ means ‘us’ in several Pacific languages, and the rebrand reflects our company’s focus on people. We are in the business of enhancing people’s workplace life, and we are committed to being a trusted partner to help our clients achieve their business goals by investing in their most valuable asset – their people.

As a company, we are also focused on helping our people achieve their full potential, and to better enjoy their workplace and the work that they do. We encourage each other to break traditional barriers to create something unique, purposeful and life-enhancing for the clients we service.

We believe in helping companies to reimagine traditional people processes and optimize their workforce, with the flexibility to adapt to changing business needs. 

Our new brand represents our progress from being just an HR software product provider to delivering a wide scope of technology-powered people solutions, as we evolve to cater to the unique needs of enterprises with a larger workforce and more complex workplace management challenges. In the last six months, our user base has grown 228%, with each user accessing our app an average of 6x per day to get their daily tasks done in a flash.

The rebrand to KAMI Workforce breaks new ground for our continuous growth, as we strive towards becoming a global leader in providing innovative HR technology and tailor-fit people solutions that empower companies to redefine efficiency and maximize their workforce potential.

We will continue to provide our clients with our comprehensive HRIS platform to transform traditional workforce processes into seamless digital experiences, as well as value-add HR services and solutions that are cost-effective and with lightning efficiency. Our clients can expect the same, if not an improved, personalized service experience and tailored human resources solutions for even the most complex workplace needs.

We will continue to introduce more innovative products and services to meet the evolving needs of the modern workforce and employers of today.

There will be no changes to your current service agreement and pricing structures.

Our invoicing details and payment methods remain the same.

No, you will still be able to access our platform using your current login credentials. You will also continue to use the same URL: https://app.ziphr.co/ until further notice. Any changes to the platform URL will be communicated to you beforehand.

You will see a change in the brand name, logo and brand colors to align with our transition to KAMI Workforce. You will also see enhancements to features and the user interface (UI) as we continue to innovate and evolve our HRIS platform.

Our Knowledge Centre has also been refreshed to give you an improved learning experience. Troubleshooting guides and support articles are readily available to help you navigate our platforms seamlessly.

Our email domains and addresses will change with the rebrand. You may want to update your contacts and records with our new email domain – @kamiworkforce.com – so we can continue to stay in touch. However, we will still receive emails to our old email addresses, if you mistakenly send it there.

Our WhatsApp contact details are unchanged. You can still reach out to us at +62 851 7534 5654 if you need any support from our Customer Success team.

Our rebrand will not change the way that we partner with you to transform your workforce and enhance your workplace processes. We may introduce new products and more value-add HR services over time to tailor to your evolving needs, and our Sales and Client Success teams will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

If you would like to know more about our brand, email us at marketing@kamiworkforce.com.